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Everything you need for a successful event can be provided by FULL IMAGE. FULL IMAGE provides video, audio, power point presentations, staging, pipe and drape, lighting and, of course, the basic audio visual equipment required for breakouts and smaller meetings. FULL IMAGE provides audio visual equipment across town or across the country. Understanding that you have only one chance to make a presentation great, we offer reliable and creative solutions with outstanding customer service.


From the smallest meeting or large scale major productions, Full Image will organize, manage, and see your project through to the last detail.


  • Planning the technical requirements for your event

  • Making sure the equipment provided is the right fit for you and your venue

  • Stay within budget


Production Management:

  • Clean, professional staging and setup of equipment

  • Provide proper lighting and visuals

  • Review of audio, video, and presentation requirements

  • Fully tested and operational equipment run by professionals

Meeting and Event Support:

  • Experienced and friendly on-site technicians to run your event

  • Our highly trained technicians can manage the integration of varying products to insure your message is delivered in effective and impactful way each and every time. Even better, all your Audio Visual Rental equipment will arrive to your desired location at one time and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of different vendors delaying your setup. 


Do I need to use a hotel’s AV services?

The short answer is no.

Full Image provides full services to hotel venues, regardless of most venue-exclusive hotel AV agreements.

What is Hotel AV?

Imagine that your local bowling alley charges $50 for a pair of well-used rental shoes. These shoes are obviously much lower quality than professional bowling shoes, and significantly overpriced. The bowling alley never tells customers that they can bring their own shoes, but acts as if you’re required to rent shoes in addition to paying for your bowling lane. Hotels that encounter high demand for their venue services will frequently have an agreement with an AV company that provides “exclusive” AV services and staffing to the hotel in exchange for a hefty commission– usually around 50% of the revenue from AV services for each event.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.
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