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  • PRICE- All in-house AV companies must give the hotel or convention center a 20% to 50% commission for the privilege of being the in-house or preferred vendor. Since FULL IMAGE does not have to pay this commission we can pass the savings on to you, the client. 

  • SERVICE- FULL IMAGE takes pride in giving better service than an in-house company. We won't be in another room taking care of other clients. We are there only for you.

  • EQUIPMENT-Many times the inventory that FULL IMAGE brings to the show will be more extensive and better quality than what is provided by the on-site company. All equipment is modern, clean, and kept in excellent working condition.

  • PERSONNEL-THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE. Your Audio Visual coordinator will have at least 25 years experience in meetings/events. They have the technical expertise to make you're AV presentation operate as smoothly as possible. You won't have to worry about the Audio Visual part of your convention or meeting.

  • On behalf of our FULL IMAGE staff, we thank you for the opportunity to partner in your event. 

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